Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Pico Time!

Well, it's that time of year again. Lights are going up, stockings are being hung, snow is starting to fall and people are tackling each other in stores over anything that is on sale. Yes, I'm talking about Christmas! The holiday spirit is nearly unavoidable at this point, and now it has even invaded Pico. To be honest, the update came as a complete surprise to me. This was the first week in a long time where they didn't notify us of any maintenance, so I did not expect much when logging in today. But those little Pico elves over at Ameba must've been up all night decorating and restocking the shops...

christmas dancers

This was the very first sight I was greeted by today. Lala, Clover and Art decided to show off their new Christmas garb, as well as some fancy dance moves. I, for one, think they might've drank out of the eggnog bowl one too many times. Once I saw this, though, I knew I was in for a treat.

Once again, the Daily Gacha has been completely restocked with new Christmas items. And, similar to the past two holidays, there are "rare" items that will change every week. This week's item is the Special Attention Seeker’s Christmas Hat:

christmas gacha

Wait a minute, let's take a look at that name for a moment. Special Attention Seeker’s Christmas Hat? Really? They are officially running out of names for these items. Anyways, there are a variety of things to win... ranging from food to mittens to shirts. If you are lucky enough, you will win one of these "secret" snowmen:


Sadly, though, he slowly melts away as time goes on. Is that supposed to be a metaphor about life, Pico? Huh?! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US? But I digress... that's not the end of the holiday madness. Not by a long shot.

beginners plaza christmas

The Beginner's Plaza areas have been decorated from top to bottom. There's also a shop which allows you to purchase some Christmas items:

beginners plaza christmas 2

See those presents? If you purchase them now, they will remain a decoration of sorts. However, on Christmas Eve you will be able to open them... upon which you'll receive a special item for each box.

christmas mystery

Ohhhh, what could they possibly be! *cough*Christmas staff, mailbox, Nutcracker, snow globe, sled*cough*. Sorry, I have a terrible cold. Now, if you purchase all 5, you will receive a special Christmas tree decoration:


Wait, where are you going? We aren't done yet, my friend. I haven't even talked about NYC Downtown yet.

nyc downtown christmas

As you might've guessed, there are a couple shops here with even more Christmas items. Yes, there's so much stuff that I have to start randomly italicizing my words! First, we'll head on over to the lovely Rina (meter maid):

rinarina christmas

Alright, I know the song is Lovely RITA, but my joke wouldn't work that way. As always, you will be able to purchase various clothing items at this shop.

rinarina christmas 2

Now we head on over to the Broadway Boutique for some room decor.

broadway boutique
broadway boutique 2

So much awesome... so little gold. Gentlemen (and gentlewomen), prepare to devote most of your free time to offers for the next few days. Unless you have actual money to spend, in which case bust out those credit cards now and start buying!

Are you excited about this update and upcoming Christmas updates? Do you wish there was more to buy with gummies as opposed to gold? If you don't celebrate Christmas at all, or if you celebrate Christmas and other holidays around this time, what would you like to see Pico add?


  1. The Pudding tables are amazing, I want a gingerbread/food event!

  2. *sigh* I love the Christmas season, but pico forgot about Hannukah UnU.

    -Ora chan

  3. Pico has been having a few typos!!
    The other day when I went over to the pirate ship for my daily job I noticed they typed waitgni
    and just now I noticed while I was checking the
    [Gacha&Special Gift] Merry Christmas! from information I noticed they typed " *If you recycle the Gift Box before 24th, you will no receive any present." they said "no" when it was probably supposed to be "not". This is very weird and random.

  4. Anonymous 2.

    Well.. They're just people like us= imperfect

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