Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How-to: Walk on water with butthead ☆ in Pigg

Buttie walks on water

The lovable butthead ☆ (Pico ID) sent us a photo of herself walking on water in Pigg with an exuberant letter. With buttie's help can you figure out how to walk on water as well? I've tried it myself ... but I just can't seem to get it.

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Guys! Look!

After 30 minutes of a lil' Japanese girl trying to explain to me how to do it, finally ... Ican walk on the water!! I guess if Jesus is my dad. LOL!

(I was surprised at first 'cause she could walk on the water and say 'hi' to me even though she couldnt speak English a lot :P )

I'll show you how to do it in 2 easy steps:
  1. click on this fishing mat (orange arrow)
  2. don't need to wait, hurry click this blue line!! (pink arrow)
If you're lucky enough, you can do it at first try ... but I did that like on the 12th try @_@ *wheww

Happy trying, guys!



Update: December 9, 2010
As you can see in comments, steve194 and Pinkteron were very successful in walking on water. steve194 has even taken the time to put together a "How-to" video to help! Take a look. ;-)

Thanks a lot, steve194.

Please visit steve194's YouTube channel and "Like" his videos, if it helps you too.


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  2. did it ...


  4. Thanks for the tip, butty! I was able to do it a few times as well. Here's me standing on the boat:

  5. Hey! Thanks for sharing your photos, guys. If anyone else reads and has a photo of their Pigg walking on water too, please post a link to your photo in comments.

    @steve194: Thanks so much for putting together that video! Phenomenal.