Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Pico Christmas

peggy and pinky 2

Well, we are now a mere 15 days away from Christmas, and Pico's celebration is still going strong. Today, they've released a couple more updates to brighten up your holiday. Or darken it, depending on how you feel about certain things *cough*Premium Gacha*cough*. Oh, my apologies. I still have that terrible cold from last week.

christmas gacha - stocking

The 2nd weekly item has been added to the Daily Christmas Gacha. What's the new item, you ask? Why, it's none other than the "Can't Wait to See What's Inside, Christmas Sock." Remember when I recently made a comment about them running out of names for their items? This certainly doesn't do much to prove me otherwise! It's extremely straightforward, though, so I'll give them that. If you want this item, make sure you play now before they are all taken away and hung by the chimney. Yes, groan all you like, but I had to say that.

premium gacha - white christmas

What's that? Another Premium Gacha, you say?! No, it can't be! Sarcasm aside, I think many people saw this coming from a mile away. The theme for the new Premium Gacha is "White Christmas," which you can find in NYC Downtown. Initially, I wasn't impressed with what I saw from the previews.

white christmas gacha

But, after viewing some of the items up close in various rooms, I noticed that there are quite a few nice decorations and clothes in it. If you happen to have extra gold weighing your pockets down, I don't think it would hurt to at least spin once or twice. And, speaking of NYC Downtown, the Broadway Boutique was stocked with 3 new room decorations.

broadway boutique
broadway boutique - shop

By the way, if your family or friends ask why you didn't buy them any presents this year, be sure to tell them "Pico took all my money away! It's their fault! I had to spin the Premium Gachas! " They'll understand... or they'll look at you like you're crazy and ask "Who's a Pico? And what's a Gacha?!"

The next couple 'updates' weren't blatantly mentioned in any of Pico's blog posts, but rather they are subtle things I happened to notice while playing today. First of all, if you've been ringing, you might've seen that the bell has now been decorated:

christmas bell

We all know how tedious ringing can be, so at least this will keep it interesting for a while. Right?


The other update involves the entire game screen. Remember how you had to constantly click on those little black arrows towards the lower right corner of the screen to pan around? Well, that's old news. Now you can simply click anywhere within the game screen, drag it wherever you please and let go. I think this feature is particularly helpful if you are zoomed in and/or decorating your house.

How do you feel about today's updates? Did you spin the White Christmas Premium Gacha yet? Also, did you notice those last two additions (decorated ringing bell and screen-drag feature) before reading this post?

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  1. ahaha i love your humor with writing pinkerton! I was following you at Japanese Park 1 coz I wanted to get an autograph but you just keep on sliding across the park!! HAHAH!