Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elijah and Nancy: Forbidden Love?

Due to the surprising popularity of my conspiracy theory regarding gummies (read it!), I decided to go into detective mode once again and snoop around for another story worth talking about. For a while I wasn't getting many leads, but that all ended once I traveled to a little place called the Flea Market.

flea market

When visiting, you will come across some familiar Pico faces. One of those, of course, being Sleepy Elijah.

sleepy elijah

He sits there all day, rocking back and forth in his chair. Seems a bit too anxious for his own good. I always wondered about that, but more importantly, I wondered what the exact explanation was for him being so sleepy all the time. I thought to myself, "it has to be the mushrooms he's selling."

pico mushrooms

Hey, you can't expect all mushrooms to give you super powers like Mario. Not the good kind of super powers, anyways. As I was thinking this, though, I looked across the street and noticed Nancy standing there.


There she was, sullenly looking down at her watch with those giant, gleaming eyes.

Nancy 2

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, and everything made perfect sense. The reason why she constantly looks at the clock? It's because Elijah demands her full attention at a certain time of day. Or should I say... night?

Yes, there's obviously much more going on here than we would think. The two may seem far apart, but it's merely an act. A charade. In reality, they are close. Very close. It could explain Elijah's sleepiness/anxiousness. And perhaps this is why he constantly asks for gummies? To pay off a "debt" of sorts? I wont say any more than that, but I'm convinced this could only be a small part of the seedy underbelly of Pico. Look closely at this face:

elijah face


elijah face 2

No, closer than that.

elijah face 3

Um... pull back just a bit.

elijah face 4

Perfect! My friends, that right there is the face of evil.


  1. Looks like we have a Pico stalker on our hands :(

  2. Hahaha-- I'm glad to have a laugh after the Apicolypse. =)"it has to be the mushrooms he's selling." hehehe :D

    -Ora chan

  3. Pinkerton, you are such a goof. ;-)

  4. nice one Pink!!! This one really makes fvcking sense!!!