Thursday, December 2, 2010



*ksssh* *bzzzt* ... Pico... *kssh* ...friends, this is Pink *bzzzzt* ...erton... *DERP* ...if anyone else is receiving this transmission, please respond!

This is the end. The Pico Apocalypse (Apicolypse, as I like to call it) is upon us. We all know that Pico's servers have been a bit wonky lately, but today has proven that they definitely need to start fixing things. For the past few hours, if you've attempted to sign in, this lovely message has been there to greet you:


Every time I see it, I'm overcome with many different emotions.


Since the website seems to be down for the count until some emergency maintenance, I decided to make this update for the bored few who still wish to communicate. I'll probably remove the post once Pico is up and running again, but for now... let's all panic together! Wahhhhh!

Well, things have gotten even stranger. Apparently some people are able to log on, but there are still a few who are getting the "Timeout" message. I had chikemuri (who is able to log on to her account) attempt to log on to mine, yet she received that message while doing so. She couldn't even visit my room under her own account. I'm beginning to think this issue is only affecting a select few users who were on during a certain time earlier today. For those suffering like me, let's just hope nothing happens to our accounts.

Alright, I have yet another update on this problem. Thanks to Steve194, I've come across a temporary fix for what's going on. When one of your buddies log on, quickly click on the popup at the bottom right of the screen in order to bring up your buddy list. From there you can follow whoever is on, and after that you should be able to travel to other areas as well. There's still no solution to unlock your room, though. You might not be able see it, but I am frowning so hard right now.

If you couldn't understand that explanation, here's a video showing exactly what to do. Again, credit for this goes to Steve194.

I'm glad to say that this will be the final update for this post, because all rooms have been fixed! For now, anyways. I thought about deleting the update, but I think I will keep it around to preserve it for posterity's sake. Thanks to everyone who chatted along with me and helped out! Until next time... ?


  1. The part I hate most is that this happened right after I read all of the epic holiday goodies that are now in store for us in the game.

    It is like ultimate torture.

  2. Yep, it's a bit ridiculous. I don't expect the website to constantly run perfectly, because it's bound to be bogged down by different problems... but the servers have been extremely troublesome for quite a while. Not only has there been lag, but I've been getting those semaphore errors again on top of other random errors. I swear, those semaphores are going to haunt my dreams.

  3. I guess the site is busy because of the new items?
    I cant wait for more, I got all my present boxes :D

  4. same here pinky :( ohh and you got the secret snowman.. i didn't know there was a snowman

  5. @Sami: I guess so, but it's very odd because some people are able to log in while others can't. It doesn't even have to do with our computers, but rather with particular accounts. I had someone try to connect through mine and they weren't able to, yet they were able to connect through their own account.

    @steve: Ah, so you are locked out as well. That's why I think this is only happening to people who were playing during a certain time. I remember you were trying to talk to me via PM right before the craziness started. I'm really hoping that nothing bad happened or will happen to our accounts. But yeah, the secret snowmen are neat!

  6. i only got a secret lamp post. im pigg fishing while im waiting.. i almost caught a gold fish :O

  7. ;~; I can't log in to Pico either...

  8. yeah.. i think our rooms.. or something in our rooms is the problem. it connects it just stops when it tries to put us in our rooms. and other people cant go in them either.

  9. i found a way to get on. spread the word.. stay on the page after u get the error.. when someone comes online (it will pop up at the side) click there names fast your buddy list will pop up. you can then just follow anyone.

  10. Omg!! Im having errors that say the same thing but this time I can't go to NYC! I wanna buy a Christmas sweater so my Pico doesn't get chilly on the cold winter nights!! Lol! PICO!!! FIX THE ERRORS PLEASE!!

  11. @Koala: Aha, yes... I'm aware of that now. I just forgot to update the post. Maybe I should go do it now, huh?

  12. Level of Crisis: DISASTER!
    It takes me about 2 times to refresh, to at least get my room to load A BIT. The little toolbar with the Travel,Rooms etc. stuff, will NOT load. When I open up my buddies list, hoping that it will at least load, Sephamores go off like an alarm. One sephamore after another. I re-log in, and "Lost Connection" And "Time Out" pop-ups keep going off as well.
    The Pico Staff is acting like they do not care. As Pinky made a joke yesterday "Keep Releasing stuff, they will still be playing"