Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picoween Parties!

Picoween Costume Party: October 29 - Costumes

Ayuhime and Pinkerton did an amazing job of decorating their rooms and playing host to those who attended our Picoween Parties!

Thank you to everyone who came and brought candies and other food goodies to share.

We saw some interesting and imaginative costumes costumes. Some that really caught my eye were from the photo above (left to right):
  • Sean Masamune: dressed as The Impotent Samurai since he had no more Tokens to by a sword
  • Milk: the cutest devil to every grace Pico
  • M.Bogart (Peggy's boy Pico): Catero wannabe
  • Frangipan: Hoochie mama ... giving Christina Aguilera a run for her money
  • Ayuhime: Clownish stewardess?
Did you enjoy the party? Should we do more? Please let us know what you think in comments.

Ayuhime's Room: October 29 @ 7-9PM EST

Picoween Costume Party: October 29 - Ayuhime's Room

Pinkerton's Room: October 30 @ 1-3PM EST

Picoween Costume Party: October 30 - Pinkerton's Room

Happy Halloween!


  1. I totally over slept and missed the second party! Lame!

    But I definitely enjoyed the one I did attend! I think you guys should hold more parties or meet and greets for your readers. It would be really fun, and give your readers more of a way to feel in touch with the wonderful bloggers of Picostyle.

    Love you guys!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Milk. We'll definitely have to organize another.