Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Peggy!

This is going to be a short post because I have to get back to some assignments with strict deadlines :( But I couldn't let the day pass without mentioning something VERY important!!!!

Today is Peggy Hill's birthday!!!!!

She didn't want me to make a big deal about it, so let's just all give her a big Picostyle hug!

In the comment section, post a memory you have with Peggy that is special to you. Let's all let Peggy know how special and important she is to us all~ She is a great friend with tons charm and wit.

My memory is when I first warped to Peggy's room after reading Picostyle for the first time. Honestly I felt like I was talking to a celebrity. I felt that way with all the Picostylers! I was so happy to be welcomed into the group and love the friends I have made :)

Lots of love, always,
Ayuhime xoxoxoxo


  1. Happy birthday, lovely sexy Peggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My first memory of Peggy Hill was inviting her into Pico (really, forcing her to join) and showing her around.

    She was so excited by the blocks, being the Lego aficionado that she is. But she was extremely put off by the price. She ranted about what a rip off it all was.

    I was sure she wouldn't return to Pico.

    But she did. Again and again.

    And you all see the result for yourselves.

    Happy Birthday, Peggy Hill.

  3. Peggy, was actually one of my first, yes-- you heard that right, ONE OF THE FIRST friends on pico. She introduced me to making elevator stairs, and then... she introduced me to her great, fun-loving self. Everytime she logs on... I cannot help my following her, and acting as the perfect stalker-friend ;D ... Peggy is one of my bffl's on Pico. She's an amazing friend, just like all the other Picostylers, but she really sticks out. Fashion wise soul mates <33
    Wishing you a great year, Pegg Legg. Happy Birthday!

    -Ora Bora

    P.S. Scorpios and Leos forever...!


  5. My first memory of Peggy is seeing her posts on the Pigg livejournal community, which lead me to Picostyle. I showed Pinky the blog and history was made. I thought she was awesome because I love King of the Hill, haha. Happy Birthday Peggy, I hope you enjoy your balloons!

  6. I was new to Pico. Across the green field full of colourful characters I spotted the most flat-nose, chubby faced girl I'd ever seen. Clearly I needed to be her friend. Using my best approach I saw that she was walking an even shorter legged beast, George. I told her "Hey, your dogs dirty. Why doncha give that boy a bath. Covered in poopies.. my my." I chased him around and called him ill things... and that's how we're friends today.

    HAPPY Birthday Piggy Hell!

    I'm thankful to meet the right friend at the right time. Accidental Happiness :).

  7. Happy Birthday to Peggy Hill my memorable time with Peggy was at the Halloween party PicoStyle has put out from εїз Anisa εїз on AmebaPico

  8. Happy Birthday Peggy!

    I remember the first time I spied you in the Pico Forest, and I thought "Haha, she has a badass name!", then I proceeded to sneak away and ring your room. Time went by, and I discovered you wrote on this awesome blog, and I fell even more in love~ <3


  9. Happy birthday my dearest Peggy Hill...

    The story was this:

    My friend directed me to this blog - Picostyle - to do the elevator stairs for me. And there I saw Peggy... I went to her home and I talked to her. I thought that she's not interested but she replied Hi... and we became friends... She was the 31st friend of mine in Pico.. the day of my birthday...31...

    -James of James On Pico (formerly known as PicoBlog)

  10. Belated Happy Bithday Peggy Hill!..hmm.. memories?well I used to be the dog feeder of peggy.. sometimes i teased her bout her past nose... i love her dogs as well as peggy..so jump!to reach ur goals!..


  11. Happy Birthday Peggy! I was absolutely delighted to run into her today! As a matter of fact, it was my first time meeting her, so it's my best memory! <3

    Enjoy this special day.Look up, with your head up high.you are strong, you are a force, you are victorious. =)

  13. Hey Peggy!

    Its me ericaxx and i would like to greet you a great birthday, and have a great time in pico also in real life! :D


  14. Every moment that I had with her is special for me. She is THAT special to me.

    Love you Kim. Happy birthday.