Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

Hopefully from reading the title of this blog update, you sang along with me... although I'm sure there are a few of you who shouted "no, this is SPARTA" instead. If you don't know which song I'm referring to, please educate yourself and watch the movie it's from. I was originally going to title this Holy Updates, Batman! Pt. 2 since there are, yet again, a handful of things to talk about. In the end I decided to dedicate the majority of this to the new Halloween items, and afterwards I will talk briefly about the other features. Ready? Set? Read!

This morning I stumbled out of my bed, as usual, and over to the computer. I knew there would be a new update awaiting me on Pico, but I wasn't sure what it could possibly be. The official blog said maintenance was for a "new function," so I was expecting something small. When my room finally finished loading, I saw some surprising things.

Halloween balloons

Halloween balloons! I nearly jumped out of my chair to dance in joy, but then I remembered I cannot dance. At all. Two of my friends were kind enough to leave me these balloons, and they also added my room to their "favorites." I'll talk more about that later. Anyways, after seeing this, I was very excited. My eyes wandered around and noticed a few other things as well...

Halloween gacha

The Daily Gacha has been restocked with a bunch of new Halloween items!

Halloween gacha 2

There's many different things to win including candy, clothing, and even some pumpkin candles. Since I have (or had) a decent amount of gummies, I decided to spin until I won nearly everything. A few (thousand) later, I won everything but the hat. My soul was weeping with each click of "Play Again." I... I just don't want to talk about it. Here's a list of things I came across while playing, and the amount of each that I won:

  • 60 Sweetest Halloween Cupcakes

  • 43 Halloween Candy Corn

  • 24 Spooky Halloween Cookies

  • 14 Orange Happy Halloween Balloons (hold and release)

  • 20 Purple Happy Halloween Balloons (hold and release)

  • 10 Green Happy Halloween Balloons (hold and release)

  • 95 Halloween Pumpkin Candles

  • 15 Green Happy Halloween Balloons (standing)

  • 10 Orange Happy Halloween Balloons (standing)

  • 25 Purple Happy Halloween Balloons (standing)

  • Green/Purple/Orange Pumpkin Shirt

  • Pumpkin Stick (right hand)

  • Devil Stick (right hand)

I'm fairly certain that's all the Halloween items you can win from the Daily Gacha right now, excluding the hat of course. Good luck, my friends, because you are going to need it. Muahahahaaah...ah... eh.

Here's my ghost holding the pumpkin candles:

pumpkin candles

Everywhere you go, you can see that there's finally some Halloween spirit in Pico. Spirit. Like a ghost.

...never mind.

Halloween spirit
Halloween spirit 2
Halloween spirit 3

Waffle, Chloe's House!

Chloe's House 2

Yes, this brand spankin' new area is open. To travel there, or at least attempt to travel there, you can find it here:

chloe's house

As you can imagine, this place is packed with Picos. It took me a total of 20 minutes to get in.

Chloe's House - old guy

You will be greeted by a... well, an old man. What? Alright, and elderly gentleman. Sheesh.

Chloe's House - old guy shop

Be careful when you click on him, though, because he is fragile. There aren't many items here to buy, and all but one of them cost gold, but if you have a garden-themed room I think you will be pleased.

Chloe's House 3
Chloe's House 4

There's not much to do. The area itself is nice, though, so it wouldn't hurt to look around and take in the scenery. There's also a message board you can post on:

Chloe's House - message board

Chloe mentioned that she will be decorating her house for Halloween. I can't wait to see it restyled as a Haunted Mansion, so I probably wont be going back to this area until then.

Chloe's House - goodbye

The next, and final, addition may not be too noticeable at first. If you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see a new button to click on that has replaced the Events button:

Favorites icon

This not only brings up the Events list, but also a tab for your favorite rooms.


You can add someone's house as a "Favorite" by visiting their room and clicking on the button to the left of the Message Board icon. I haven't added any because I've been busy writing this update! This feature is a great way of keeping track of all those amazing rooms you randomly stumble upon, and also the rooms that you visit/ring on a daily basis.

I want to take this time to thank anyone who has added mine as their "favorite," and also thank the ones who constantly ring my room or leave gifts. I really do appreciate it, and I'm truly glad that so many people enjoy my room. If you decide to mark my house as a favorite, please leave me a message on the Message Board so I know!


  1. i sang along when i read the title 0_0" you know me too well

  2. I havent managed to get into Chloes house yet
    But Im more excited about the Halloween stuff anyway
    I saw someone in a skeleton costume!!!

  3. Hi, today (actually yesterday) I made a blog about Ameba Pico.
    Please follow me and comment on my pictures. Thank you everyone!

    By the way, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

    My blog:

  4. Lavender♫, we've added you to our 'Blogs we follow' (look on the blog sidebar). Welcome to blog life.