Monday, October 4, 2010

Pico Cribs #19

Pico Cribs Pico Cribs
Ayuhime's Room

Hello again! This week's Pico Cribs is spotlighting our own guest blogger, Ayuhime <3 I love checking out Ayuhime's room because it's forever changing. Highly Japanese influenced, her pad includes a lounging/entertaining room and a second room which she has dubbed the playground. If you're lucky and Ayuhime is at home she'll make you feel so welcomed and even cook you something up to eat. She'll make sure you'll leave with your bellies full! Afterward, stay and watch some tv on her big screen or chill out and visit her playground!

Pico Cribs Pico Cribs
Second Room: The Playground

Swings are a must at most playgrounds and Ayuhime knows it. The waterfall and grassy seating area are nice touches too! I feel very zen here <3 Stop by and check out Ayuhime's rooms!

PS: I would like to say hello to Bob Pwns! Thank you for making my day and it was really lovely to meet you! Be good and do your homework :P


  1. Ayu.... You forgot to mention that I have given you the idea of a playground! Nah just kidding with you! I've always loves your roomie!!! <3