Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's up with the clovers, ANYWAY?

Header: Rant Week
Dear Oliver,

(AKA: Happy @(@#ing Oliver!!!)

I notice that a lot of people try to see you.

I've been trying to see you for a VERY long time!

Didn't your secretary tell you about all the calls I left for you?

I waited outside your building, yet you never came out.

Why don't you want me to see you? I just want to props you )@(*#!


You make yourself available for any other woman in town to props.. not even just women.. but men too!!

I noticed that you've decided to visit the casinos and you know what?

That's exactly why I quit gambling you big eared bald hooligan.

What do you think you are? Some sort of Pico Brat Pitt?


Well, welcome to Fight Club - Me versus You.

Winner gets props!

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