Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Picoween!

picostyle skeletons

Hello, everyone. Pinkerton here, and I want to wish all of our readers a Happy Halloween on behalf of the entire PicoStyle staff! It seems like only yesterday I was theorizing about what Halloween would be like on Pico. Now that all is said and done, I can safely say I was pleasantly surprised by nearly everything.

Speaking of which, I thought of a little idea that I hope our fans will enjoy. Since today is Halloween, a major tradition of the holiday is carving pumpkins. And, seeing that a majority of you probably carved your very own pumpkins this year, I thought it would be neat to see your creations! If you want yours showcased on this very blog, email a picture of it to Make sure you include your Pico user name so we can give you credit, and please have it be YOUR pumpkin! Here are the pumpkins I carved this year:

I figured the little trick-or-treaters would enjoy something like this.

It was between Mario or Darth Vader, but this seemed a little less time-consuming so I went with it.

I also wanted to write a short to-do list for everyone before the holiday comes to an end:

1. Play the Daily Gacha and win the very last Ghost Hunting item (Hand Hold Jack-O'-Lantern)
Halloween gacha - week 4

2. Shop at NYC Downtown, and play the 2 Premium Gachas while you still can!
NYC halloween
NYC Halloween 2

3. Visit Chloe's House and enjoy the atmosphere before the spirits vanish
chloe's house
Chloe's House - Halloween

Oh, and one last thing. On my last update of Celebrity Sightings, I wrote about Tiffany... the deranged wife of Chucky. Well, one of our readers was kind enough to send in a snapshot of a Pico-ized version of Chucky himself!


Thanks so much to whoever sent this in (no name was attached with the photo). If you want to send in your very own celebrity snapshots, I think you know what to do! Just make sure you include your user name, as always.