Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The days are getting shorter. The air is getting colder. The trees are losing their leaves. This can only mean one thing. Yes, Bilbo, you are getting closer to The Lonely Mountain! But it also means that the season has changed once again, and Fall/Autumn is here. This is perhaps my favorite time of the year, on par with Winter. You just can't beat drinking fresh apple cider, wearing your favorite hoodie, sitting around a bonfire on a cold night, decorating for Halloween and soaking in the foliage. I'm lucky enough to live in a state that has great scenery during this time of year.

state foliage
state foliage 2

Since the season is changing, that also brings some changes to Pico. This inspired me to do an update mostly regarding Fall and Halloween. It's going to be a guide/Pico Cribs/PicoStyle Preview mash-up of sorts, so prepare yourselves. Ready? Here we go.

As you might've noticed by now, there are new house decorations for sale just in time for Fall. To take a glimpse of them and maybe purchase a few, simply travel to the new Interior Showroom area:

Fall - Interior Showroom

Fall - Interior Showroom 2
Fall - Interior Showroom 3

Here, you will actually be able to sample everything. I think this idea is terrific because it gives you a better sense of how well everything goes together, and you can judge which items may look best in your room. I'd love it if Pico did this more often with new releases. Overall, the items are nice for what they are, but none of them strike me as being overly Fall-ish. Then again, I think the only reason the official Pico blog mentioned Fall was due to the timing of the release rather than these items relating to the season somehow. Either way, I'll be saving my gold for more "traditional" Fall items once they hit the market.

I know it's early for this, but I wanted to briefly touch upon Halloween. On the surface, it's a holiday mostly known for things such as pumpkins, costumes, frightening imagery, and generally a celebration of the macabre. Since no items reflecting any of this are on sale (yet!), I took it upon myself to make my own.

Fall - ghost

This is the my ghost. Or "pixel ghost," rather. No, don't call Ghostbusters! This is a friendly ghost* (*no infringement on Casper intended). The pink block you see was put there accidentally when I was trying to stack something, but I noticed it looked like a tongue and decided to leave it since it gave the ghost more personality. Well, as much personality as a wandering spirit can have.

By looking at that picture, you can see that I also have pumpkins!

Fall - pumpkin
Yes, pumpkins. A lot of people keep saying "nice tomatoes!" or "those are some nice flowers!" which makes me weep and die a little on the inside. Oh, and one last thing. Those familiar with my room may have noticed that my leaf stairs leading up to the clouds have changed from green to orange!

I am happy to say that I am not the only one starting to celebrate Halloween early. If you visit Cafe Latte's room, you will come across an amazing sight:

Fall - pumpkin room

They've made their very own gigantic Jack-o'-lantern! The creativity behind this is amazing. Using torches as its eyes is such a brilliant idea. This makes me eager to see what other types of Halloween creations I will come across. Remember, be unique! That's what makes things like Cafe Latte's pumpkin so great.

I've mentioned before how Pigg has been open for a much longer period of time than Pico. Because of this, I was able to experience Halloween on Pigg last year. Sadly, though, I never bothered to take many pictures during that time. The best I can do is talk about how they did a great job with setting the mood for the holiday by giving a few areas an overhaul with various Halloween decorations. If they do this in Pico, I can safely say that fans of Halloween will be pleased.

Now, I know you are probably wondering about the Halloween clothing and house decorations we might be getting on Pico. Luckily, I have a picture showing what we can expect!

pigg halloween

A few things to note:
- witch hat
- Halloween staff (holding object)
- bat carpet
- bat window
- pumpkin wallpaper

This is nowhere near all the items that Pigg had to offer during this time, though. They sold many other items, as well as various Halloween costumes ranging from witches to skeletons to Phantom of the Opera sorts of outfits.

It's going to be a very exciting time on Pico once we head into October and more Fall/Halloween items are released!


  1. Im so excited for a Pico Halloween now!

  2. Pinky, you are brilliant in more ways than one.