Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pico Cribs #17

Hello Pico fans! Welcome to this week's edition of Pico Cribs..
Peggy here!.. uhh..
I mean... Gem here..
I mean.. *arf* Doug here!
Wait, Doug?

Yes.. Doug, and my master has built this WONDERFUL home carried, tied to these balloons. My master is very smart and very wonderful.


For those of you who have not been blessed enough to see "UP" yet, this room is a delightful homage to the movie.. and as an homage to this room and the room's creator Bu-in~, I dressed as Doug the dog. :) Leave her some balloons to keep the house afloat !

As you can tell our updates have been lacking. It's due to the change of seasons.. summer is beginning to end.. so we're trying to get as much sunshine as possible.

Here are two other outdoor rooms to help you hold onto the last bit of summer.

Next up is ...

Poka's outdoor hotspring!

Luckily a hot spring can he used during any time of year, however.. sitting outside drinking tea? That's the perfect day... sitting in the grass, sipping a cup of oolong (or green tea, whatever your preference) and watch the leaves gradually fall.

And lastly (but not leastly) ...

shigeru-chan's grassy island


It may be small.. it may be minimal.. but a lot can be said when you only present a little. Come dip your feet in the warm waters.. listen to the waterfall.. hold hands with your sweetie.. and watch the sunset.

So here's to summer.. enjoy the last of it! We're gonna jump into fall with some hot new fashion. :-D

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