Friday, September 24, 2010

Profiles #17

Thank you to all of the wonderful Picos who submitted photos and/or captions for this week!

(1) Photo submitted by Zonna

Peggy and Catero say: It's okay. We know that lumberjacks like you have always been solitary souls.
Profiles #17

(2) Caption and photo submitted by ♥Ericaxx
A lot of Picos seem to want to be a Barbie look-a-like ... just like this pinkish lovey girl that I saw at Beginners Plaza 3. Barbie was my favorite toys when I was small. Now I see her in this Pico Facebook game. Can you all believe it? :-)

Peggy and Catero say: The drawback of having a Pico version of Barbie is you can't take out your angst on her by gradually singeing off her matted-from-neglect hair with your dad's lighter, color all over her face like a Picasso painting, or have her date your brother's G.I. Joe action figure.

(3) Caption and photo submitted by ~*Peachie*~
This girls profile makes no sense you agree? It's downright WTF!

Peggy and Catero say: When you look at the profile of this little lady now ... it says that she's 14 years old, but she looks 12 ... but she's adamant that she's not 12 at all.

We've never come across someone so confused by the concept of age. No wonder you have no BF ... the poor guy can't tell if you're a teen or a tween because you keep changing your story.

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