Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clothes Encounters

Wow, is it Thursday already? No, really. I'm asking you. Is it? Okay, I thought so. Time sure flies when you are wasting time... er, I mean... having fun on Pico! As usual, Pinkerton here with another FANTASTIC update [/billymays]. For all the fans and/or supporters of my "Celebrity Sightings" feature who may be wondering why I haven't done another, don't worry. It will be making a return sometime next week. And now for something completely different.

We all know that clothing is a major aspect in the Pico universe. The only ones who would disagree with this statement are the nudists, but they are few and far between these days. The types of clothing we wear on Pico (as well as our facial features, of course) gives our avatars their own sort of "identity" and helps differentiate us from others. But, as you play...


You may eventually run into people with the same exact outfit as you. When this happens, cries of "b... but... I thought I was a unique snowflake!!!" can be heard over the hills and far away. You must admit, though, that there are other times when you see someone and think to yourself:

"Hmmm... I have those clothes, too..."

When this happens to me, I personally like to take it a step further and try to match that person's attire as close as I possibly can. Hey, don't give me that look again. It's fun to do when you are bored, and I am bored quite often. Here's a more recent example:


Ah, see? Now the Clothes Encounters title for this update makes much more sense and isn't just a clever pun on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Here are a few more of my "clothes encounters" ...


There have also been times when the roles were reversed, and random people started to copy what I was wearing...


But the best times are when you can get your friends to join along with you!

clothes encounter 6

And this, my friends, is why we put the style in PicoStyle.

pico stylinnn

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