Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PicoStyle Preview: Edo

Hello, everyone! I know you have grown accustomed to seeing me here on Thursdays, but I wanted to take this time to make a quick update. I planned on posting this yesterday, but... well... it was my birthday! Yeah, you know that birthday card is amazing. Admit it. Now, for the real reason why I'm here:

It's been a while since PicoStyle had an update of this sort. If you've been a longtime reader, you may remember Catero having a Picogasm over Egypt and posting a preview of the area as it appears in Pigg. Since a very large majority of the areas introduced to Pico are already in Pigg, it makes it easy for us to show our readers quick glimpses of what they should expect. What can you expect this time, you ask? Allow me to show you. There are spoilers ahead, so if you don't want to know just stop reading now. Right now. You sure you want to know? Okay, I warned you.

Most of you may have recently noticed this while playing Pico:

edo pico
edo pico 2

This may have got you wondering "what is Edo?" Or maybe you were preoccupied with wondering "why doesn't Pinkerton ever shave his goatee?" I can't give a good answer to that question, but I can help with your questions regarding Edo.

edo pigg

We are going way back to 1646 for this time period. If you don't already have the watch to time travel, make sure you get it now!

As you can see, there are a total of 4 rooms. However, it seems as if Pico is only releasing the first 3. Therefore, those are the only ones I will be showing you today. Let's start!

edo pigg - room 1

This room is often referred to as the "parade room." It may be a bit difficult to see why at the moment, but once everyone in the room has their butt firmly planted in a seat, magic happens...

edo pigg - room 1 2

Well, okay. Maybe this isn't exactly "magic," but it's still pretty neat. I've heard rumors that, sometimes, the people you see marching in that picture randomly show up in regular people's rooms. Yes, that means regular people like you and me. Will this happen in Pico as well? Only time will tell. Oh, and in case this wasn't extremely apparent... that guy with the black hat isn't a part of the marching group. He does have a nice stache, though.

*I also want to note that this room will probably be the most crowded, if Pigg is any indication. I had to wait about 15 minutes to enter so I could take some pictures, and this room has been open for over a year now! Madness.

edo pigg - room 2
This room is referred to as the "chamber" of the Edo area. If you ever think to yourself "Pico already has soooo many kimonos, but I just wish they would get even more to waste my gummies/gold on and even more to fill up my closet space," you are in luck. There will be a handful of kimonos for both guys and girls to purchase.

Men's Items:

Girl's Items:

edo pigg - room 3

The third room you see above is known as the town around the castle during the Edo time period. This is probably my favorite Edo area because it offers pleasant scenery and seems very peaceful, especially at night when the stars are out. When we zoom in towards the beginning, we see this:

edo pigg - up

Standing near the arrow and clicking on it brings you up to the roof area.

edo pigg - roof

Here, you can just run around or maybe throw rocks at the people below you* (*I am not liable for any Pico-related injuries due to this statement. It's just a suggestion!)

This doesn't happen in every room, but if you go to the right one...

edo pigg - room 2 ninja

This ninja will be waiting for you on top of the roof. It sells various different items for males and females.

Men's Items:
edo pigg - room 2 ninja items
edo pigg - room 2 ninja items 2

Girl's Items:

Once we go back down to the street, there are even more shops and more items to look at!

Men's Items:
edo 2
edo 3

Girl's Items:

That's not all, though. For those of you who love all the dances and actions, as I do, you will be pleased to find out that there is a dance for sale here. You wont find it in the normal shops, though. If you are patient, you will see two men racing across the street...

edo 4

Once they stop to catch their breath, that's your chance to click on them and open the shop!

edo 5

This is the Ee ja nai ka dance, which is an actual dance often performed during religious celebrations.

There you have it. That's about all the Edo area has to offer. I didn't delve too much into what Edo actually is, but that's what Wikipedia is for. All of the items I've shown you may or may not appear in the Pico version, but we are now only a few hours away from finding out. Before I leave, I'd like to give a very big thank you to Chikemuri for taking those great pictures of all the girl items on Pigg! It really saved me the trouble of becoming a girl myself. On Pigg, I mean. What? Don't look at me that way!


  1. I've searched pretty thoroughly and I don't think the ninja is in pico. :(