Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Double the Pico, Double the Fun?

I am discovering a lot lately that several Pico players have created and control a second Pico account.

I've cleverly deduced a number of reasons:
  • Some have another Pico to create a twin of them (twins are the "in" thing, people!)/
  • Perhaps their first account got banned :x
  • Constructing devious plans for Pico takeover, or
  • Simply helping out their main Pico
Even I have created a second Pico account, MattoVarius. Originally, I created it in hopes that my boyfriend would play. Turns out, it's not really his thing. So I took over playing, and realized how I could use MattoVarius to my advantage. I could send myself exclusive Facebook gifts and give myself props, rings, and food daily.

Am I cheating?

Consider the other hand; any other Pico player would never be stopped from creating another Pico for themselves and could also help out their 'main' Pico. If you see this slick guy running around, don't worry, it's just Ayuhime ;)

But here's my quesion: is creating a second Pico account giving you an unfair advantage or simply just adding more ways to enjoy the game? Share your opinions in the comments! :)

PS: No luck on Pink Panda yet. I KNOW! But I did come across a grey one that I couldn't resist. (Peggy says it's brown. Toe-may-toe, tuh-mah-toe.) I named her Chacha on impulse~ heehee

So at least I'm getting some Panda love while I wait for Pinkie to show up! I'll name it Momo~

Even my puppy likes the Chacha. Here they are copying each other.

Too adorable!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo - Ayuhime 

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