Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How-to: Stand on water with clothes on

Do you ever wonder how some Picos seem to have the power to stand on water and not sink in? Well….they really posses no powers just the secret to this fun trick. Luckily I met a very friendly Pico that was willing to share the secret with us.

There are actually very easy steps to follow…..but it does require a lot of patience and practice.It took me trying over 10 times before I could succeed…lol, maybe it’ll take you less tries.

These are the steps ...

1: Put on your swimsuits and head to Sparkling Ocean. Don’t forget to put on suntan lotion!

2: Get in the water and swim to the area where you want to try this trick. Actually I swam all the way to the middle of the ocean….didn’t want any witnesses seeing me make a fool of myself :D

3: Once you are comfortable with the location, click on closet, remove your swimsuit and change into the clothes you want to wear….it helps if you zoom out so you can see your Pico better.

4: Place the save button from your closet as close as you can to the little orange triangle above your head, of course without covering it.

5: Now here is the tricky part (not hard but it may require practice). You will have to click the save button and then the little orange triangle above your head as fast as you can. You will have to be quick or you will end up on your butt outside the water.

Once you have succeeded you will be able to do all your actions there (except

You may have better luck than me and get it on your first few tries. If you don’t,
just don’t give up. Keep trying and you will eventually get it! GOOD LUCK :D

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