Sunday, July 25, 2010

Profiles #12

Girls, girls, girls. That's what this Profiles is all about. Eccentric, delusional little cutesy-poo girls.

(1) We suggest that someone can't really be independent, if they can't actually spell the word correctly.

Maybe she's not ready for 4 syllable words yet.
Profiles #12

(2) Putting aside the usual attraction to fire and brimstone, demons this season will be adorned in pink from head to toe. Can you dig it?

(3) Someone with a very noble moniker and 68 buddies is hated by "everyone". Why would that be? Three words: emo world view.

(4) Werewolves always look most menacing in frilly bikinis. Don't you think?

This self-proclaimed lycanthrope is sweet, friendly and fun. A stark contrast to the centuries-old raging nocturnal beast with an insatiable bloodlust.

Can a tween rewrite hundreds of years of savage Wolfman mythology with fashionable blue swimwear? We think not.

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