Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She was made to please....

One fine morning at the park, Gem and Pinkerton and Chikemuri were enjoying a sunny joyous excursion at the park. There we were met with a beautiful creature and we asked.. How are you? What is your name? Curiosity only kills the cat they say..


(16:47) ???MissModela: Hiiii
(16:48) ???MissModela: I am a robot
(16:48) ???MissModela: Sometimes I malfinction
(16:48) ???MissModela: Sorry
(16:48) Gem Rock: the robot is malfunctioning
(16:48) pinkerton: haha, she is
(16:48) chikemuri: someone better tune her up
(16:49) ???MissModela: I need a good tuning
(16:49) pinkerton: yes
(16:49) Gem Rock: let me tighten those gears little lady
(16:49) pinkerton: she's a fem-bot
(16:49) ???MissModela: Love Robot Model 21136 to be Exact
(16:49) Gem Rock: oh goodness
(16:49) chikemuri: that's what i said
(16:50) Gem Rock: ms robot
(16:50) pinkerton: I thought robots can't feel emotion!
(16:50) Gem Rock: will you pose for me
(16:50) Gem Rock: i want to take a picture
(16:50) Gem Rock: of you
(16:50) ???MissModela: Yes I will.
(16:51) Gem Rock: oh perfect
(16:51) Gem Rock: thank you
(16:51) ???MissModela: Welcome. ^.^
(16:51) ???MissModela: I mas made for you my dear~
(16:51) ???MissModela: And I was was made for passion~
(16:52) ???MissModela: The only thing I knooow is clear
(16:52) ???MissModela: I gave you satisfaction
(16:52) pinkerton: nice!
(16:52) ???MissModela: Thank you! *3*
(16:52) ???MissModela: I must go
(16:52) ???MissModela: Before my owneer find me
(16:52) Gem Rock: goodbye little robot slave
(16:52) ???MissModela: I have run off
(16:52) ???MissModela: Goodbye!

And at that, we were all satisfied in very many different ways, after meeting our dear Love Machine. However, upon ringing of her bell we found...


--- You have moved to Slaughterhouse (=^u^=)/~*

(16:55) Gem Rock: ...
(16:55) Gem Rock: does anyone else feel..
(16:55) chikemuri: what a classy house
(16:55) pinkerton: you are on... the table
(16:56) ???MissModela: Olaaa everyone
(16:56) Gem Rock: woah
(16:57) Gem Rock: aloha
(16:57) ???MissModela: I should serve food
(16:57) Gem Rock: ... yes
(16:57) ???MissModela: My master is not online
(16:57) ???MissModela: I have more time to plasy!
(16:57) ???MissModela: *play
(16:57) pinkerton: even robots make typos sometimes
(16:58) ???MissModela: Yes, I make typos.
(16:58) ???MissModela: It's on my finctions list
(16:58) ???MissModela: To be as human as possible.
(16:59) pinkerton: you are like the Iron Giant..
(16:59) Gem Rock: you do a very good job
(16:59) ???MissModela: Thnk you.
(16:59) ???MissModela: After all...
(16:59) ???MissModela: I am made to please~
(16:59) chikemuri: i bet you are!

The only thing I was super pleased about was retaining my physical safety after meeting this malfunctioning Robo Lady. Aye Caramba, dude.

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