Saturday, July 17, 2010

Profiles #10

It's been a while, but Profiles is back with more humor, sarcasm and wit brought to you by Pico citizens who place unusual, bizarre and often profound thoughts in their profiles!

Today's bunch have very assertive personalities and they're not afraid to let you know it.

(1) Cameron, if you're over 27 years of age, Peggy is interested. Send her a letter in Pico and let the non-vampire, non-lycan romance begin.

If, however, you are a "tween", and out of her age range she would like to offer her condolences ... because your list of don'ts are pretty much all the things that girls your age are gaga over these days.
Profiles #10

(2) We know you're trying to be funny and express yourself, but David Suzuki - though a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist - is not a personality that the average person knows about. Come back as a comical parody of David Letterman (buck teeth, FTW) and then we can talk.

Also, David Suzuki has grey hair. Attention to detail counts. Despite this discrepancy, Peggy still wants to pet your dyed hair job ... and she doesn't care what Catero says.

Peggy swoons, "I rike environmental men", then suggests she would also like you as a Pico Michio Kaku.

(3) Dear Maiia,

I like spankings too but maybe it's a bit TMI before you've even been asked on a first date. Maybe you somehow hint that you've got a kinky side. Boys like the chase ... in fact, they love it.


(4) Romeo, despite the fact that you use "retarded" in your Pico name, we like the cut of your jib. You have wooed us with your Romeo nature by your no nonsense approach to life. We like that. But we encourage you to consider giving girls who wear pink a second chance. We can't forgive CAPS, but we will forgive soothing color palettes.

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  1. Love your blog! =D
    And the first one, I agree with, unfortunately I'm a tween girl and they're aren't many people like that ><

  2. I mean there aren't a lot of tween justin haters or twilight haters T.T

  3. Thanks for reading, "Anonymous"! :-)