Friday, July 16, 2010

Pico Cribs #12

Aloha! Everyone visit the new Hawaii areas yet? If you haven't you should because it's fabulous and doesn't require a time machine!

Gem, Catero and I have caught a severe case of island fever and I thought it would only be fitting to feature a simple cafe to escape to when the sun gets too hot. Your hostess, the lovely lady in the white hat will woo you in Thai and serve you nice cold drinks in pineapple cups. This Hawaiian-Thai Cafe will have you seeing red and who knows... flirt with the bartender and you might get lucky! He's pretty cute.

Come visit and don't worry... dancing on the tables is permitted. Even James, my puppy hopped on board.

Newt Newt
Newt's room.

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  1. this hula girl looks like she's wearing chanel sunglasses.