Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prom 2010.


Though prom lasts for one night, Pico is bringing it to us in 27 days of boogie bliss. For just shy of one month, the NY Academy high school gymnasium will be transformed into a magical place filled with colored strobe lights and throbbing music where even the most undesirable nerds stand to cop a feel ... if the mood is right.

Though the mundaneness of the oppressive gym setting is merely covered up by balloons, sparkley themed wall decals, and streamers, prom holds great significance for most high schoolers. It's one of those nights that radiates with that "forever young" feeling - that you can live forever, that anything is possible and that the night will never end.

Prom Shop merchantIn Pico, guys and dolls can visit the Path to the Prom room in the Travel menu (formerly High School Corridor room) and visit the snappily dressed Prom Shop merchant to pick out their prom wear. There are several styles and colors of boutonnières, corsages, hair flowers, pumps, loafers, gowns and tuxes to choose from.

Once your hair is primped and gelled to perfection and you've slithered into your fancy clothes, head on down to the Prom Party Hall room (formery the High School Gym room) and get dancing (or clustering against the wall until you get asked to dance or muster up the courage to ask someone yourself)!

Facebook users can gift boutonnières and corsages to their sweetheart(s).

While the night is still young, don't forget to mosey over to the Prom Action Shop (I don't know why they would name it this, 'cause "prom action" is something totally different ... *wink wink*) for 1 of 3 animations.

It didn't take long for our lovable Peggy to get swept up in the festive occasion. Check out the slideshow below (click to play). She took a bunch of snapshots to capture her prom moments ... and there's no doubt that she's still hanging around in the Prom Party Hall/High School Gym with her PowerShot camera and a herd of boys at her side.

— Written by: Catero
— Prom photography by: Peggy


  1. this is adorable. sorry i couldnt be your date -gemmy rock sizzle

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