Thursday, June 3, 2010

Profiles #3

This installment is all about the ladies - the cuties, the creeps and the Type A personalities.

(1) "STOP! Drop ... nevermind". What a tease!

She leaves us feelin' sorta used.

But we like it. ;-)
Profiles #3

(2) Perverted poets need to gain inspiration somewhere. Who knew Pico would be their Ground Zero. This "My Fair Lady (of the Night)" simultaneously romances and repulses us with her sexy sexy words. Like a mysterious Lady Gaga-type figure.

(3) "Hill, will you accept this rose?"

This Bachelorette wannabe is taking matters into her own hands. Who needs a TV show or Lavalife when you can screen your prospects through Pico buddy requests?

(4) The thing I like most about this Cassie Steele lover's profile is the fact that her graphically disturbing thoughts about blood-soaked hair are contrasted by the poor spelling of her own name (it's Norwegian, not Norweign) and her charming jaunty blue bow.

(I didn't give her props because I thought she might think I approve of whatever blood-and-drug rituals she uses in her hair coloring routine.)

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