Thursday, June 10, 2010

My prom date

prom - berry and catero (prom gate)

When prom came to town I immediately knew who I would ask to be my date (she doesn't have a choice, really). My longtime bish, Berrylicious (affectionately called "Berry"). The best thing about her is she let's me push her around. And in the end, isn't that what high school romance is all about?

We picked out coordinating outfits and made plans to get dolled for a good time this past weekend at the NY Academy gym/prom party hall.

Here's how the night went.

prom - berry and catero (date polaroid)7:28PM
  • Showered and began getting ready for the big event. Used that new Old Spice body wash (the one with the commercial that has the guy on a horse ... backwards).
  • Watched Judge Judy in my underpants.
  • Got dressed and ran out the door.
  • Hopped in mom and dad's 'ol 240DL with faux wood paneling and put the pedal to the metal.
  • Arrived at Berry's house to pick her up.
  • Exchanged corsage and boutonnière.
  • Took a quick snapshot for her parents' memory book.
  • Took mental note of Berry's parents warning: "Bring her home by midnight or she's grounded for life".
  • Arrived at the Prom.
  • Met up with Peggy, the party animal, whose already been into the vodka-laced punch. She was probably the one who laced it.
  • Hopped onto the dance floor and taught Berry to do the Side Steps moves ... since she can't dance.
  • Booed the DJ whenever he played anything by Akon.
  • Snuck up to the balcony to make out and drop paper clips into people's hair and cleavage ... and hid!
  • Went outside to Peggy's car to take a few shots of the whiskey and tequila she stocked in her trunk, then headed back into the party for more Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, Faber Drive and Lady Gaga tunes.
  • Said goodbye to Peggy and her entourage (she was flirting with the DJ when we made our exit).
  • Left the prom to drop Berry home to meet her extended curfew.
  • Drove like a devil to drop Berry at home with a few minutes to spare, thus, avoiding a sentence of life imprisonment.
  • Kiss goodnight and drive around the block to wait for Berry to sneak out.
  • Listened to my iPod while I wait for Berry to pretend to go to sleep, crawl down her window, scale the trellis to the ground, and jog down the street to meet me in the parked car.
  • Drove to Motel 6.
  • Arrive at motel. Berry pays for the room rental. :-P
  • Enter room #22 and commence *bow chicka bow wow*
Enjoy your Pico prom!

Prom - Berrylicious and Catero
Room owned by Dean Winchestr. Drop by and give him a ring.


  1. Excuse me sir..but I *can* dance! And I can't believe you would post such a scandalous picture! :P

  2. OH MAN. BOW CHICA WOW WOW! -drunken slur-