Monday, April 12, 2010

Things to Know About Pigg for Non-Japanese Users.

Hey Guys! Peggy here, just finishing up some lunch before class starts. I've been spending a lot of time in Pigg and have picked up a few useful tips. Thank you to all the kind souls who have helped me out. I know, I'm spastic :X

Anywho! Ameba Pigg... let's see, Ame is the Pigg version of Gummies. Unlike in Pico where you can buy a good selection of items (clothes, furniture, blocks, etc.) with your Gummies you can only use your Ame points on scratch cards and a few things that cost a fortune! Scratch cards are Pigg's "Gacha"; it costs 20 Ame points to scratch and you're only able to play once daily. I've only been able to play a few times but so far the prizes are really nice. There are many different scratch cards, I'm not sure what that's all about but I'm going to try to find out soon. I know that you can pick any card to scratch from but beyond that I haven't got a clue :X

You collect far less Ame points on a daily basis compared to the 1,300 Gummies you can collect on Pico. I'm thinking it averages out to be maybe about 50 Ame total? Correct me if I'm wrong! I'm going on just what I see. I think it's because almost everything in Pigg costs real money and since you can only play the scratch cards once a day you aren't really in a rush to gather up Ame points like you would Gummies.

The daily reset time for Pigg is 00:00 Japanese time, it's about GMT +09:00. If you sign up for Pigg do the tutorial! Just like in Pico, you will receive 5 tokens to spend but I think you can only buy certain things. I kept trying to buy a pet but learned from my Japanese friend that you can only buy pets with real money -cries- Hence, my spending all five on clothes. Speaking of clothes... I took a few snaps of Pigg's fashion on the street! I am dying to see more of a selection of things in Pico but for now I'll be content window shopping and street gawking in Pigg <3 Pigg. Secret Date.
Pigg. Pigg. Pigg.
Yes, I have a Hello Kitty fetish <3

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