Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello to me! Plus Cribs and Dinosaurs

Hey y'all, this is Berta, posting my very first ever blog here on Picostyle! I plan to share, just as Catero and Peggy, all the awesome stuff I come across here in Pico.

I am such a slave to props and rings, in fact, every night at the end of my day when I log into Pico I check both my props and ring lists and go to each and everyone's room and ring them (and if they are home I props them too!). This is how I get to see some of the oddest, coolest and most awesome rooms ever. And then... I bring them to you!!

Floor One! The Office/Living Room/Guest Room. Complete with bunk beds!

Floor Two! Multi colored checkered floor. This is the Kitchen/Second Office/Laundry Room.

Floor Three! My favorite of all of them. The Master Bedroom/Spa/Game Room!

Here's a shot of the whole shebang. I wish I could tell everyone reading who this is so you could go visit and play in her awesome room, but her name contains too many characters that my computer doesn't understand and since I took these screen shots, she's torn a bunch down and is redoing a majority of it. Too bad, so sad!

Also on a completely unrelated note, there is a new star to achieve! You need to have a time machine (you can get one by using a token) and travel to the Stone Age. At least 10 people need to be dancing the volcano dance to call it, but when they do you're in for a treat.

The star is worth 300 gummies and I don't think you need to have the dance to get the points.

Happy Picoing!


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