Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yeah, Bapy!

BAPE store - exterior

Yes, it's true! Peggy and I have infiltrated Pigg. And with the exception of less appearance options than Pico ... it totally rocks!

Today, I decided to check out the BAPE (Bathing Ape) store that has been transplanted into Pigg. BAPE is an urban, flashy Japanese clothing brand that I absolutely love. Strangely enough, this virtual world store has hours of operation. So, there's a long queue to get into it (usually 100). Almost just as strange is the fact that there are more people hanging around outside the store than there are inside.

The store steps are perfect for people watching ... and taking notice of the diversity of all the clothing items you can use to customize your avatar and reflect your personality. Pico, you have a long way to go, baby.

BAPE store - customer 1 BAPE store - customer 2 BAPE store - customer 3 BAPE store - customer 4 BAPE store - customer 5

Looking around inside the lonely boutique, I noticed that, alas, most of the current clothing is for boys ... but I do love those jeans. And ... cute shoes. Everyone can get into cute shoes.

BAPE store - interior BAPE store - clothing
I hope that Pico grows up to be like Pigg - forming alliances with real world fashion labels, giving us lots of color choices for clothing and bringing more travel destinations (like Pigg's ancient Egypt) complete with themed items.

Checking out the BAPE store also gave me an opportunity to meet some awesome people. I met Naho and erika, my new Japanese homegirls who are going to help Peggy and I find our way around. They both speak English and are both uber friendly and sweet. I was approached by both of them after seeing "Speak English to me" in my profile and offered to show me around.

More Piggy goodness coming soon!

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