Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Street Fashion!

Pico. Pico. Pico. Pico. Pico. Pico.

Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg.

Must Haves:

1. An accessory to carry. Whether you're browsing the flea markets in Pico or going to worship at the temples in Pigg. Everyone's carrying. It seems that the most popular hand accessory is the plush animal. One person went as far as to wear the same shirt as the plush they were carrying <3 I approve! Hopefully, Ameba will provide a larger variety of plushy friends for my Pico comrades... as much as I love NY, I want a HELLO KITTY!

2. Head Gear. An outfit is just not complete without something on your head. These folks have layered and some of them have even layered upon layer some head bling. My favorite combination, the hat over ear muffs.


  1. amazing peggy!
    do more street fashion snapshots!