Friday, April 9, 2010

Maxing Out Ain't So Easy.

Barbie's Space?
Pinkie91's Room

Peggy here, hangin' out... chillin'.. in what I think is an ode to Barbie's dream house. So pink, so chic! So... I caved after vowing not to play gacha until they put out better prizes... I know... I'm weak sauce D: !! I'm just trying to take advantage of the discounted Gacha ... 100 Gummies versus 300 Gummies is quite a deal but again ... Gacha let me down. After spending 1,000 Gummies I came out with five 1x food items, two barrels, one red uniform and two blocks. I wouldn't have mind if I had won ten blocks cause I like my virtual legos... or even 5x food items like last month's Gacha but I'm really fed up with getting 1x food items, ugly pirate clothing and barrels!!! In the words of Donald Trump... Pico, You're Fired.

Please bring back the TVs!!! I know so many people who are yearning to win one.

TV Watcher.
po-piyopiyo's Room

Yesterday, Pico rolled out a new Gummies Bonus System where there's a meter in the upper right hand corner showing you how many Gummies you have collected up to 1,000 Gummies. Basically, you're no longer able to collect upwards to 4,000 Gummies per day. That was a promotion ... now the most you can collect is 1,300 Gummies :( 

The new bonus system gives you 100 bonus Gummies when you reach 500 gummies per day and another 200 bonus Gummies when you reach a total of 1,000 Gummies per day. Once you've gotten your 1,000 Gummies plus the 300 bonus Gummies you're done for the day. YOU'VE BEEN MAXED OUT!

My Pico Friends, s
pend your Gummies wisely! cause maxing out ain't so easy now... even though we're only talking about earning 1,300 Gummies. You pretty much have to do a little bit of everything or be killer at maxing out on certain things to get your 1,300 Gummies. Also, things like playing games depending on the game, takes up a lot of time.

Rock Paper Scissors Game.

Here's the new breakdown:

  1. Pico Props: 300 max (10 per prop)
  2. Rings: 300 max (10 per ring)
  3. Eating/Drinking: 200 max (10 per consumption)
  4. Serving Food Items: 200 max (10 per item served)
  5. Daily Clothing Change: 50 gummies (1x change)
  6. Daily Login Bonus: 100 gummies (1x bonus)
  7. Playing Games: 600 maximum (Bummies won varies depending on game played but both winner and loser earns Gummies per game played)

Whew! What a list. Keep in mind the 1,300 Gummies does not include the Gummies you earn when you complete a star challenge. That's all for now... next time I'll fill you in on SPRING FASHION!

Peace Out.

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  1. peggy
    you are the master of pico!
    i did not know that i can get 300 pico props per day XD
    i need to play games anyway!