Friday, April 9, 2010

I am so jealous.

Pigg. Catero was right  - the Japanese version of Pico, Pigg is SO MUCH BETTER. Like they say ... the original is always better. The clothes are soo-- amazing that, unlike in Pico where I spent all my tokens on furniture, in a matter of minutes I spent all five tutorial tokens on clothes!!! I just could not look like a hobo in Pigg!!

I was so desperate for translation in Pigg that I went on to Pico after 15 minutes on Pigg to get an interpreter. Luckily, I made a new friend who kindly showed me around Pigg. Tommy you are the best <3
Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg.

Pigg is way SUPERIOR!!! You can have pets in Pigg, the venues to visit are better, shopping is out of this world... in three words, I AM JEALOUS. If you're daring you should really give Pigg a go. It's a bit frustrating if you don't understand Japanese but the interface is pretty similar and after navigating out of what I'm guessing is your blog/homepage thingy you should be okay. I have no urge in being an Ameba Gold member on Pico but in Pigg ... that's a whole different story ;x

Lucky for me, I don't understand a single word of Japanese so I won't be tarded and get a gold account on Pigg ... I'll just wait for Ameba to improve Pico and save my Gummies for when this happens!

Peace Out.

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