Monday, April 5, 2010

The Cooler Side Of Pico

Baby Jesus.Peggy here, reporting to you live from Ameba Pico!

Where I have just bumped into Baby Jesus! It's good to know that such a good man is on Pico... so you single ladies be on the look out! He's available -wink-

Anywho, now that Cat has gotten all the boring things out of the way. I'm here to report the cooler side of Pico... like how it's all about the blocks and how gacha right now is screwing us mucho and how I saw Baby Jesus making kissy emotes at BOTH Susie and Sally... !!

Wanna know more? Stay tuned as all shall be revealed in my next installment!

On to PICO CRIBS where only the best will shine and cryin' won't get you anywhere.

So like I was sayin' it's all about the blocks. These Pico inhabitants have really gone block happy and I give them mad props for their design work and creativity. Mama Peggy approves!

Hint: Buying blocks cost 200 Gummies per block. Yeah ... rip off! But right now try your chances with Gacha ... it's only 100 Gummies per go and I've been collecting my block collection this way. But don't count on getting blocks every time (the draw is random) and if you're looking for a specific color you're better off just paying the 200 Gummies.

Hello Kitty!
Hello Kitty Shrine? Yes ... I can dig it.

I want to do this.
Vincent Van Gogh approves too!

I promise to keep you guys up to date on all the juicy bits but right now I better go max out on Gummies. We only have til the 8th of April til props, etc. goes back to normal and we're only able to collect 400 Gummies versus the 1000!!! WORK THE STREETS. Earn those Gummies!!!

Peace Out.

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