Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Cry!

I love this.
Gacha got you down? Take it from me, this isn't the month to be playing unless you're looking for blocks, into pirate gear or wanting those half barrel chairs in every color imaginable. After spending over 10,000 Gummies it's safe to ask, "Pico! Why you bein' so stingy??!" I have yet to win a token or any of the cute things pictured on the Gacha info page like the Caribbean luggage or baskets of fruit. :-(

Bring back the TVs! Give us a token every once in a while. -whines- That's what we really want! I want to buy a dance (requires 1 token or Ameba Gold) but I'm not going to waste anymore gummies on Gacha even though Pico is telling me that our chances of getting a token is higher because of the Gacha Campaign. True, 100 Gummies a go is definitely a plus (it normally costs 300 Gummies) but it's not really worth it if they're going to be super stingy. Most of the time I'm receiving 1x food items and I'm hearing that you guys are too. :-(

So for now let us all save our Gummies and hope for better Gacha days and just buy what we want. I've got my eye on this jacket. <3 Peace Out.

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