Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Hitler? Really?

Avatars: .Adolf Hitler
What did I say about the mustache, people?

There is something eerie about Pico that makes people want to clone themselves into Hitler. It's so wrong that one of history's greatest monsters is a kawaii character. It's just not a good visual. Hitler + LOLspeak = No!

Just as Peggy seems to have a knack for finding Jesuses ... I seem to be stuck with bumping into Hitlers.

The most chilling part of seeing a "Hitler" in a cartoony social game is context. As .Adolf Hitler tries to win over the Pico masses in Park Pond 1 as he once did at the Nuremburg Rallies (this time with jumping and dancing as opposed to impassioned propaganda) with his Pico version of Eva Braun, ❤Cutesygal, the Führer gets asked a burning question by one of the most unobservant dingbats ever.
(15:16) .Adolf Hitler: so bored >.<
(15:16) ❤Cutesygal: same here
(15:16) .Adolf Hitler: hmm
(15:17) .Adolf Hitler: i was teaching school i was so bored earlyer
(15:17) .Adolf Hitler: yay for knowing history ^-^
(15:17) ❤Cutesygal: lol
(15:17) Hollowii: u 2 2gether or something?
(15:17) ❤Cutesygal: just friends
(15:17) .Adolf Hitler: ==>
The real Adolf would have sent that nosy heffer straight to Auschwitz for her insolence.


  1. Maybe Peggy keeps running into Jesus cuz she is so sweet and angelic and you keep running into Hitler because you are THE DEVIL!!! :P