Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where did Pico go?

Looks like it's lights out for Pico again. We're not talking about the usual unscheduled maintenance mayhem. It's a blackout as of 7:00AM GMT.

(Thank the gods! I had just finished the secret spy theme Casino Challenge 5 minutes earlier.)

Not even the official blog is working. It's disappeared. This might be a major server problem. The granddaddy of server issues.

Remember the epic maintenance break from two weeks ago? How could you forget? It was almost 36 hours. I have a feeling this server meltdown will put it to shame.

That's all folks. I'm back to watching reruns of Torchwood.

With Pico out of service it's probably a good idea for you to watch reruns of something ... or discover a new Facebook game to enjoy. I'm thinking about The Hunger Games social game app. What about you?

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