Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pico Fattening Us All?

Look at all that candy, cake and food (no, you cannibals! I'm not one of the foods. Unless you want to eat contact me at [insert contact information here]).

LOOK at it. Yes, with your eyes, silly!

Is it possible that our Picos look so chubby wubby, because the Pico Staff is feeding us all this UNHEALTHY FOOD!?!?!?!?!? Possibly. But I know you guys (PEGGY) are already gurgling with hunger at those covered-with-frosting floors. At that house made of cake and candy (is a cannibalistic old lady living in there ... or is it just me?). A pool filled with candy. A floor over filled with goods.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

My limbs are flying in the air -- and my throat ... it is producing a  loud scream (my scream): "AYOOOOO WHY SO MUCH CANDY-OOOOO!"

Ah. I guess it's ok ... now at least we won't starve.

And I'm in a good mood ... so ... yeah. :)

I think this was supposed to be a rant, tho. FAIL. 



  1. I am most adorable in my chubby wubby state!

  2. Love you Pegg Legg <3 I think you're the most kawaii.