Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meeting Mr.Pidut ◦˘ε˘◦

Mr.Pidut ◦˘ε˘◦'s Bono meets Prince fashion flair 01

I got a letter yesterday from the effervescent Mr.Pidut ◦˘ε˘◦ - one of the winners of the first ever Pico room contest (he has changed his name since then). Mr.Pidut reads Picostyle and really wanted to have his photo on the blog, so, I decided to meet him and have a little chat.

Pidut asked me the most unusual question. I had to break my "never answer a question with a question" rule to reply (he laughed at my response):
(11:09) Mr.Pidut ◦˘ε˘◦: why are you black?
(11:10) Catero: why are you white?
Mr.Pidut, who wants to be a "fashion Pico" enjoys building and is in the process of redecorating his award-winning room.

We met up amidst the hustle and bustle of Japanese Park, then went to have a quiet chat in a private room. What immediately struck me about MrPidut was his jovial nature and his Bono meets Prince fashion flair ... with ducky lips.

Where in the World do you live?
Mr.Pidut: Indonesia.

Why do you like Pico?
Mr.Pidut: Pico is my life.

Why is Pico "your life"?
Mr.Pidut: Hmm ... because I feel the happiness in Pico.

What do you do here that makes you happy? Do you hang out with friends, build with your blocks or something else?
Mr.Pidut: I have many friends in Pico. What makes me happy is being able to make friends. Also, my room award has made me very happy here.

Which room contest did you win? Halloween? Winter?
Mr.Pidut: The first ever Pico room contest last year. I won this Red Room Stick Trophy. I've redecorated since then. My house is now "the kingdom above the clouds".

(Mr.Pidut's name was different there, but he wouldn't share what his name was, though he mentioned his first name was -RB-LOKI loki. He is truly an international man of mystery.)

What do you want Picostyle's readers to know about you?
Mr.Pidut: Hmm ... Well, I want them to know me well. They can even add me as a buddy in Pico.

Mr.Pidut ◦˘ε˘◦'s Bono meets Prince fashion flair 02

There you have it, folks. If you see the dashing Mr.Pidut ◦˘ε˘◦ around Pico please prop him and encourage him to start a Pico fashion blog where he can show off his rock star style.

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