Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gone Fishin' in Japan

Pigg - My second catch of the day!

Hanging out in Pigg today, Peggy and I were lamenting about the fishing game. Oh, how we want to play it so badly. But, alas, we don't speak or read Japanese ... or have Pigg's gold currency, for that matter. We figured it costs gold to purchase fishing supplies.

Then along came n♡Я! (she told us to call her "Nori").

As best as she could, Nori ever-so-patiently tried to describe how the fishing game works.

We'll share the little about the game that we now know.
  • Game currency. The fishing game has its own currency, like the casino area. And just like in the casino, you get a daily random gift. Could be bait. Could be rods. Could be something else!
  • How many times you can play. The number of rods you own + the number of bait you have determines how many times you an cast. Each time you cast you use 1 rod and 1 bait. Once you run out of either rods or bait you can no longer cast. Buy supplies or wait for your next daily gift.
  • Where to catch fish. There are 3 fishing areas - a river in the woods, a fishing wharf, and a yacht. Each area seems to have different types of fish that are local to that area. Catching fish results in building your collection. What happens when you complete that collection? We don't know. We'll fill you in if/when we do.
  • Fishing ability. Each of the 3 rooms have 3 skill levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. You will be unable to fish in the advanced rooms if you are a beginner. You must also have the right color rod to play in intermediate and advanced rooms.
It took a while to figure out how the game controls work. I lost many-a fish while trying to do so. After I figured it out ... I caught the fish below. And I plan to catch many more.

I wonder if it's providence that lately I've been watching the antics of biologist and "extreme angler" Jeremy Wade on his show River Monsters. I love that show.

Some fishies we caught

You know that expression, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"? It's a powerful Chinese proverb that speaks to the power of self sufficiency.

Thanks to Nori, Peggy and I can enertain ourselves in Pigg for countless hours, reeling fish in and collecting them for hours.

Want to discover the secret to fishing in Pigg? Watch the video below, courtesy of a generous Pigg player known on YouTube as steven1941992. Visit his channel page and give him a thumbs up!


  1. after you caught a fish what happens now? are the fishes edible? ^_^

  2. Nope. :-) Unfortunately, you can not prepare them into a nice sashimi platter. You just collect them.

    If you are a Pigg user, please add Peggy Hill and Grapheme. We love to explore Pigg (but don't know our way around much)!

  3. i wish pico had fishing :)lol i'm gettin closer and closer to finishing all the 3levels in all the rooms :)