Monday, October 11, 2010

Pigg gives a preview of Halloween items in Pico?

Pigg - Halloween scratch card

I've been in Pigg to scout out what may be in store for us for Picoween (that's Pico Halloween for those of you who didn't "catch" my catchprase)!

In Pigg, Halloween items are randomly gained through a special Halloween scratch card in the Pigg version of Daily Scratch. Orange and black seem to be the colours of the spookfest with witchy hats, socks, shirts and plush staffs.

Pigg - Halloweeners

There's even Halloween-themed flooring and wallpaper.

Pigg - Halloween flooring and wallpaper

Other Halloween limited edition items could include yummy candy!

What would you like to see for the first ever Picoween?


  1. I NEED those red plaid pants!@$@!!!!

  2. OMG ZEBRA FURNITURE!! and i love the big hat!

  3. cool, only ameba gold? :/