Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pico Gossip: Parent Attachment or Bad Influence?

Niamh xx, from what I gather, has a Pico daughter (not sure of her name). alex1054 is apparently Miss Perfect, and a friend of Niamh xx's daughter. alex105 meets cute boys all the time, goes to high school, is the captain of the cheerleading squad called the HELLCATS (in real life, of course) and is mad at Niamh xx for not letting her daughter do anything fun with alex1054. Maddie17 is Niamh xx’s friend, who is not a fan of alex 1054’s meddling.

Let’s see how this turns out…

alex1054 (left; brunette), Maddie17 (left; blonde); my associate Ayuboy (far right) creeping.

We arrive at the conversation already in progress.

--- You have moved to Park Pond 1

alex1054: get a bf
Niamh xx: she said she was 10!!!!
alex1054: go night clubbing
alex1054: high school
alex1054: well she told me now
alex1054: she is
alex1054: 16
Niamh xx: go away
Maddie17: hi
alex1054: no
alex1054: im not
alex1054: going
alex1054: ur not
alex1054: letting
alex1054: ur daughter
alex1054: do anything
Maddie17: i miss my baby
Niamh xx: ive been really nice to u
alex1054: ur not letting her go night clubbing not letting
alex1054: her
alex1054: hang out with cute boys
Niamh xx: i wil let her
alex1054: or go to high school
alex1054: i hope so
Niamh xx: in the game she is 10
alex1054: i meet
alex1054: and hang out
alex1054: with cute boys all the
alex1054: time
Maddie17: whos met my bf
Niamh xx: alex
alex1054: and go to high school
alex1054: and im the captain of the cheerleading sqaud
alex1054: of our high school
alex1054: in real
alex1054: and here
Niamh xx: calm down!!!!!!!!!
Maddie17: would u stop going on plz alex
alex1054: we are called
alex1054: hellcats
alex1054: in real
alex1054: and here
alex1054: we are called
alex1054: hellcats
Niamh xx: mad
Maddie17: yes
alex1054: look
alex1054: just
Niamh xx: she will not stop goin on!!!
Maddie17: here we go
alex1054: shut up
alex1054: both of
alex1054: u
alex1054: r u mad
Niamh xx: mad
alex1054: mental ppl
alex1054: u got to let them go
alex1054: one day
Maddie17: she just told us 2 shut up
alex1054: look
Maddie17: NO
alex1054: u got to
Niamh xx: no
alex1054: let ur babys
alex1054: go
alex1054: one day
Maddie17: N O SPELLS NO
alex1054: u cant keep them with u
alex1054: all
alex1054: the time
Maddie17: mine is only 1
alex1054: LISTEN
Niamh xx: no
alex1054: PLEASE
Niamh xx: go away
alex1054: I KNOW BUT
alex1054: WEREWOLF SHE IS 16
alex1054: AND U
alex1054: HER MUM
alex1054: WONT
alex1054: LET HER
alex1054: OR MEET
alex1054: CUTE BOYS
Maddie17: Bubbles is only 10
alex1054: AN HANG OUT WITH
alex1054: THEM
its me bridgit: what the hell
alex1054: I KNOW
Maddie17: see ya

At this point, Maddie17 and Naimh xx had left and had enough of alex's meddling. I don't even know what its me bridgit had to do with anything. I think she just as confused as me.

Readers, you be the judge! Is Naimh xx overreacting as a parent and sheltering her children? Or is alex1054 a bad influence, hence Naimh xx is being a good mother? alex1054 sounds like a rowdy girl to me, I wouldn't want my 10 year old daughter going to nightclubs! That's for sure! ESPECIALLY on Pico! /sarcasm

Just had to share this GEM with you all.

Ayuhime xoxoxo

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