Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's a Picoween party!

Picoween 2010 Party Invite

Get your ghoul grove on!

Bring your candies to share and join the Picostyle team for a spooktastic Halloween theme party ...

On October 29 @ 7-9PM EST:
In the room of あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」

On October 30 @ 1-3PM EST:
In the room of Pinkerton

Copy and paste the names of the room owners into your Buddy search, if needed • 20 person room maximum; first come, first serve • Bring candies to share with other party goers • Meet Picostyle bloggers


  1. Lol one of them iz on Britney's birthday XD!

  2. :O OHMYGOSHY! one of them is on my b-day!! at ayuhime's house!! :OOOO I *HAVE* TO COME!!!!!!!! aw. :( 20 people max. :(((

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  4. Im so in ;) See me as a decoration, in one of the parties! ;)


  5. Don't forget, I also have a second room that can fit an extra 15 people! :D

  6. Man... I just noticed I can't make it to Pinky's party... But I'll see if I can make arrangements, at least stall me mum to go out of the house late/

  7. i cant go to pinkerton's party. im going to Lake Pointe Nails & Spa (have u ever been there? its like the most awesomest place EVER.) with my friends for my b-day. WAIT! That's at midnight! So maybe....

  8. Aw I don't think I can come! I can't copy and paste Ayuhime's name and Britney's birthday party is on Pinkerton's day!