Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IMVU vs. Pico

Hello Picozoids!

Like the rest of you, I am desperate for gold. It doesn't help that Ameba has been releasing new items every freakin' day for the past three weeks! Between premium gacha, halloween costumes, and now AWESOME WIGS, how can you NOT be tempted to sell your soul to get this stuff?

So instead of exhausting my bank account, (which I've already done at this point >____>; ) I've tried doing some offers. When my brain has had enough surveys, and I couldn't possibly send myself any more coupons in the mail, I decided to fulfill the IMVU offer for 240 gold. The shtick is to sign up, do some shopping, dress your avatar, furnish your room, and go chat.

I wish I knew what I was getting myself into.
First of all, Ayuhime was TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I settled for ayuhlme (LOL) and off I went.

Step 1: Sign up
Nothing really terrible about this part... pick a username, password, enter your birthday (gotta be 18+). Now you pick a base look, you can change it later.

Yes, it gives you a preview of your gigantic booty. PROCEED!

Step 2: Go shopping
These clowns are generous enough to start you out with a bunch of options for hair, face, and clothing, so pick something. Don't want to look like a sex addict? Too bad.

Continue shopping for your slutty outfit and try not to have a seizure from all of the BLINKING and SPARKLING going on in the item descriptions. Seriously, every item is an animated gif with sparkling and blinking and seizures.

Oh, this old thing? Oh no no it's just from my young days as a prostitute.

Yes, there's IMVU Ayuhime. Try finding an outfit that doesn't make you look like a coke addict stripper, please.

3: Furnish your room
Again, IMVU supplies you with furniture, but good luck placing it into your room.

The camera is adjustable and very jumpy, your avatar cannot move about freely (you choose from predetermined places on the furniture to sit or stand on), and you must SCALE the furniture once it is placed. So you can make a couch gigantic, or on the wall (your avatar WILL sit in it!)

The controls are counter intuitive and a pain to maneuver. I barely placed a lamp and a chair and had had enough. LOL!

Oh, and here's one of those predetermined poses I mentioned.


Step 4: Chat
Go to chat and you'll find that the chat rooms have an incredibly small capacity (10 or less) and are always full. Plus, they're user made. So the names are "YO YO MAD FAT BEATS PLAYA #1 SHOW IN TOWN DOG" or "sundown suicide emo club." I didn't really feel like going to those...
If you manage to get into a room, the environment will take about 10 minutes to load, as well as your avatar.

All in all, IMVU is really not built that great. The interface is not user friendly, the graphics are slow and choppy, and it's just not fun.

Plus, I never got my gold.

Do yourself a favor and keep enjoying Pico, don't bother with IMVU, and have a lovely night my dears.



  1. Tiffany Pink Of Ameba PicoOctober 26, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    wow! i almost started a account with IMVU.. thanx for the heads up..

  2. sigh. I'm still waiting for my gold too!!! LOL! Looking good Ayu <3333

  3. I tried this a long time ago.. this game is chock full of "bowing accion".

    I didn't get any gold when I signed up again.. sigh.. :-(

  4. aww..240 gold.. this offer isn't available in my territory T_T

  5. IMVU?!
    looks interesting.
    maybe i'll try but anyway i hate long tome loading..