Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food For Display Only.

Food Carpet?

Dear Ameba Pico,

This is Peggy Hill writing you about food... I like food, all things yummy to put in my tummy. I like that in Pico we're able to feed our fellow Pico friends and residents, I'm pretty sure this is not possible in Pigg, since the last time I played Pigg I did not see any food available for eating (correct me if I'm wrong). But on the flip-side, I LIKE that you can get food items in Pigg just to display in your room. I wished you would integrate this into Pico as well. Many times I have left out food for display purposes cause it's so CUTE and it's been eaten!!! Waaah------ Please help!


PS: What about creating a waffle patterned carpet (kinda like the one above)? I would BUY it!!!