Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holy Updates, Batman!

Hello, Pico friends. Now that I've cooled down a bit from rant week, I decided to write up a quick little post talking about some of the new additions which were implemented to Pico over the past week or so. You may have noticed one already, but there's a couple which I don't think everyone is completely aware about yet. Let's get started!

Here's a question for you. Have you ever seen something that you wanted to buy, but you weren't entirely sure if that hat/shirt/watch/etc. would look good on your Pico avatar? I think we all take that chance with buying items we're unsure of, and there's at least one purchase we made which we all regret...

huge mistake

Yeah, I see you laughing over there. And, honestly, I don't blame you. Anyways, I'm glad to announce that there's a new feature which let's you preview the items before you buy them! I remember saying a few days ago how this would be a neat feature to include, and here it is. I'm beginning to think the higher-ups at Ameba Headquarters are spying on me.

To try it out yourself, simply click on "Shop" at the bottom (or travel to a location that has some items you want). At first, things look normal.

catalog order 1

But once you click on something...

catalog order 2
catalog order 3

... you get to actually see the article of clothing on your avatar. Just note that you can't try two things on at once, though, such as a shirt and some pants. Oh, and another thing. Because some people want to get a better idea of how the clothes will look without layering it over the clothes they have on already, you may start to notice a bunch of naked Picos roaming around.


Don't worry. They are just previewing the items. I hope.

Another addition that might've gone unnoticed can be seen under the "Travel" menu.

chloe's house

It's Chloe's House! Yes, that's right. This is finally another original room for Pico that even Pigg does not have yet. Shocking, I know. Since Pigg doesn't have this area, I'm not entirely sure what we can expect... but it's exciting to think of some ideas. Will there be new clothing to purchase? New furniture to buy? Can we actually go inside the house? Will Chloe be there to play along with us? Only time will tell.

And the final major addition to Pico last week was the inclusion of a brand new Premium Gacha! This time around, the theme is "American Diner." If you have a bunch of spare gold to spend (it costs 50 AG per spin), head on over to the diner:

American Diner
American Diner - inside

For a list of all the items you can win, check out the official Pico blog. I've already won quite a few items from it, which are circled (er... squared? rectangled?) in red:

premium gacha - diner
premium gacha - diner 2
*owl not included with the sofa

I'm still trying for that amazing jukebox, though.


  1. I know what you mean about the Shop Clothes thing.

    I made a post alot like that on my blog yesterday, and afterwards, I roamed around trying the new feature out. I was so embarrased that I had to strip down first. xD

  2. Damn you, Pinkerton! You always describe things so cleverly!