Wednesday, September 1, 2010

STILL in search of pandas ...

It's Wednesday's with Ayuhime! Woop woop

Yes that's right, I haven't found my pink panda yet... I've practically lived on the farms since my last post, staying on for several hours at a time. Well, there's tons of problems that I'm encountering;
  • There are only 3 farms open right now, which leaves a very limited chance for panda arrival.
  • Maaaany other players are as diligent as me and also happen to be looking for colored pandas =_=;
  • I've been introduced to the "reset" phenomenon, in which players empty the farm so new animals will be replaced, but not everyone is willing to cooperate.
Really, it's a battle to the death for pandas. I'm not even kidding. People are SERIOUS about their pandas. Check out this Facebook thread where people are mad because they can't find a panda: [Important] To Ameba Pico Staffs Regarding Pandas Seriously, these people are PISSED!

But all in all, I've made a few friends during this torture journey, including Yuririn here, who has also helped me practice my Japanese along the way. I've received helpful hints from seasoned panda searchers as well. Hopefully their advice will follow through. Also, here's me and Peggy sporting our new looks. Aren't we HAWT?

Yeah, totally.

Love and Peace,
Ayuhime xoxo

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  1. I'm channeling Mary Jane from Spiderman... but like a more hippie version!

    Pandas are hard to find! I just had a friend ask me if Pico stopped selling pandas ;x