Monday, September 6, 2010

Pico Cribs #16

First Room.
Pico Cribs Pico Cribs

Hey guys! Welcome to this week's edition of Pico Cribs... YESS---- I can feel the excitement!!! Xaint Wenz's room is... I dunno, I can't even find an adjective to describe how amazing this place is. Jesus Depp's RL little brother can really decorate a room. It's almost like a magical experience when you enter a place like this and to my surprise it changes! With the amount of work it must take to put a room like this together I find it very commendable that he updates his rooms (that's right two rooms!) quite often.

Second Room: Garden House
Pico Cribs Pico Cribs Pico Cribs
Xaint Wenz's Room

This room is totally worth a visit and even a return visit... I love seeing what Xaint gets up to and look forward to seeing more of his work. Will he create a third room??! One can only hope <3

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