Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't worry, guys ... she's totally alive still.

Couture Deluxe.

I know you miss her just as much as I do.

(19:37) Gem Rock: do you like my hair
(19:37) Peggy Hill: lol
(19:37) Peggy Hill: erm
(19:37) Gem Rock: ooh
(19:37) Peggy Hill: it's beautiful
(19:37) Gem Rock: you loove
(19:37) Gem Rock: it
(19:37) Gem Rock: you love it
(19:37) Peggy Hill: i do i do
(19:37) Gem Rock: its
(19:37) Gem Rock: couture deluxe
(19:37) Peggy Hill: its
(19:37) Peggy Hill: ohhhh
(19:37) Peggy Hill: i totally see it
(19:38) Gem Rock: made from galliano's pubes
(19:38) Peggy Hill: couture deluxe
(19:38) Gem Rock: couture
(19:38) Peggy Hill: whoa
(19:38) Peggy Hill: whoa
(19:38) Gem Rock: deluxe
(19:38) Peggy Hill: so like
(19:38) Peggy Hill: wow
(19:38) Gem Rock: he grew his pubes for 10 years
(19:38) Gem Rock: and made this fine wig
(19:38) Gem Rock: there's only one in the world

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