Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't get banned.


My dear friend Jesus Depp's account has been banned. Yes, Ameba Pico will ban anyone... even Jesus himself. I received a letter from Jesus a few days ago about how his account has been banned and how he had to make a new account.

A pico named mbutz (he has a second account under mbutz2) has been offering to Pico residents a chance to purchase Ameba Gold for cheaper than what Ameba is selling it for. Like most people, Jesus could not resist a bargain and took a risk and paid this person to put Ameba Gold into his account.

He paid mbutz and gave him his Facebook login and password. True to his word, mbutz did put Ameba Gold into Jesus' account BUT this is against Ameba Pico's terms of services. Jesus soon learned that his account was banned. It turns out that this mbutz has conned many others out of their money (approx. 500 people) and they've also had their accounts banned. No one knows how mbutz gets his gold to continue to supply other picos with... but just know that you're taking a huge risk buying gold from this person. I'm not sure why this person has not been banned but I highly suggest any of those who have been victimized by this person contact Ameba Pico.

Jesus and the many others who have done this are deeply sadden because most didn't know that this was against Ameba Pico's terms of service.


and oh ya, right now, we can only hope that Pico admin will forgive our unknowledge, and will reactive again our pico id. pico admin can also take our gold that left in there, but please don't take our pet, things and room that we bought. this is only game, and this is the first mistake. so we are learned now. and we will not repeat it the same mistake next time.
Jesus Depp

For all the loyal Jesus fans you can find him under the new pico name: Jesus +♥(≧∇≦)♬

He's updated his look... going a bit metro with his blue hair.


  1. Awww... I feel so sad for you, Jesus Depp! Hope you get your account back!

  2. ya me too,,,wish u get back ur acount...many sayin im stupid but jesus depp said no im not..before he get banned he come to my house and said help me donate me he said then i donate him he thank me but he said if i will kick him?? i said no i cant i know ur kind he go offline then online then offline that day i cant see him online sad!

  3. How do you know if you're banned? cause i cant login :(