Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Princess Brawler

Introducing PrincessLolita

Gem, Peggy and I made a new friend lately. PrincessLolita. Gem and Peggy met her at a room event called "Come have lunch with me". Sounds pretty mundane, huh? Well, the entrance of Loli, as she is now affectionately called, turned the event into an exciting experience of "a-Pico-lyptic" proportions.

She entered the room in her girliest pink outfit with a big frilly hair bow and announced that fighting was her hobby and then began yelling something nonsensical about killing pandas. She was funny. And she wouldn't leave. She won their hearts! Then Gem and Peggy told me that I had to meet her ... and she was totally hilarious.

When asked about the experience, the room host (who prefers to remain nameless for fear of her crazy/cute nature) described Loli as "a baracuda trapped inside a girl's body", adding that "she was aggressive like a wild Tasmanian devil".

Unlike other "princesses", she doesn't want you to bow to her. She pretty much wants to make you laugh while she's sucker punching your spleen and putting you in an upside down choke hold.

She's nuts, zany and totally mad. And she wants you to worship her! Lucky you.

We asked her a couple of questions about her campaign to win over the Pico masses with her unconventional personality.

Who is PrincessLolita?
(18:53) PrincessLolita: I am PrincessLolita and I'm very original and unique. I'm funny, cute/sweet and a bit crazy
(18:53) PrincessLolita: I like killing people
(18:53) PrincessLolita: ;-)

What does she want you to know about her?
(18:46) PrincessLolita: That I'm cute friendly and almost famous

What does she mean by "almost famous"? Well, just that you haven't put a lipstick kissed poster of her above your bed yet.

If you'd like random humor of a sovereign vagabond in your life, add her as a buddy, ring her, fan her, worship her ... whatever you like.

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