Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catero's Dream Child.

I think she has the right idea. Why bow to Cleo when you can just get people to come bow to you? Right on sista.

(23:19) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: near me
(23:19) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: bow to me
(23:19) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: near me and line
(23:20) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: thank you libbie
(23:20) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: bow to me
(23:20) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: near me
(23:20) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: like this girl
(23:20) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: shes bowing to me
(23:20) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: bow
(23:21) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: good
(23:21) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: not there
(23:21) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: face to me
(23:21) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: and bow
(23:21) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: good
(23:22) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: face me near me and bow!!
(23:22) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: not there
(23:22) ♥♥emily♥♥☻☺: like this girl

If you're the submissive type check her blog and see what crazy antics Emily gets up to.

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